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Meet our dynamic and dedicated team, united in their passion to drive the success of our business.

Mustafa Juma


Mustafa established Aastha in 2014 and later teamed up with Pritesh in 2015, who brought his telecom expertise to the table. Mustafa’s demeanor and sound judgement make him a perfect fit for Aastha’s philosophy. His unrelenting work ethic was pivotal in helping Pritesh achieve his aspirations within the company.

Pritesh Gajjar


Pritesh became a partner at Aastha upon Mustafa’s invitation, as their visions and objectives aligned. Pritesh prioritises technology and innovation to maximise productivity and provides outstanding outcomes for clients. He embraces a work-life balance philosophy, saying “when you enjoy your work, it’s not work.” Pritesh sets an example of this lifestyle, traveling on his Ducati and using gadgets to stay connected while working in unconventional locations.

Vim Gajjar

Number one

Vim joined Aastha in 2019, bringing 18 years of healthcare experience. As Operations Director, she swiftly transitioned to telecommunications and has since demonstrated strong leadership skills. Under her direction, workplace standards and policies have been established, work assignments streamlined, supplier relationships strengthened, customer relations improved, and projects completed efficiently and effectively. Vim takes great pride in her work and is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for clients.

Beyond what’s visible, we have a covert team based in a secure bunker in England. Their identities are kept confidential to guarantee clients always receive top-notch care, no matter the situation.

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