aVoice Teams

Unleash the power of collaboration with aVoice Teams! Our advanced phone system integrates with Microsoft Teams to make in and outbound calls a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated communication and hello to a more productive team with aVoice Teams.

What is aVoice Teams?

Elevate your team’s collaboration with aVoice Teams! Our high-end solution offers voice telephony, numbers, phones, and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy secure and customizable cloud-based communications with all the functionality of your current PBX system, plus advanced features.

Pay only for what you need with our flexible pay-as-you-go solution designed for businesses of all sizes.

Why aVoice Teams?

Drive productivity with Aastha’s cutting-edge cloud-based services. Enable effective remote work and improve your business performance.

As a Microsoft partner, we bring unmatched expertise to integrate high-end telephony with the Microsoft ecosystem, beyond just Teams. With our hosted telephony solutions, we enhance the capabilities of the Microsoft phone system for a complete communication experience.

We give it the ‘Aastha’ touch by adding a layer of telephony functionality powered by Cisco Broadworks and underpinned by BT Wholesale.

Is avoice teams right for you?

  • You already have Teams and use it extensively for collaboration.
  • You would prefer to have a single application environment for making and receiving phone calls.
  • You favour Microsoft applications.
  • You want to use Teams but are hesitant that it may not be welcomed by legacy users in your organisation.
  • You feel the Microsoft phone system alone doesn’t give you everything you need.
  • You want to future proof your business communications
  • You want an agile solution that may be scaled up or down, on demand

A ‘yes’ to any of the above is enough justification for you to get in touch, our team are eager to make contact!

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