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Unified Business Communications aVoice Plus – Not Just Voice – Talk, See, Meet, Share, Connect, Collaborate!

aVoice plus – Desk phone optional, no longer necessary

Empower your work with aVoice Plus! With our advanced phone system, you can work from anywhere, anytime, and stay connected to your team no matter the location. Simplify communication and enjoy seamless collaboration with aVoice Plus.

Why aVoice?


aVoice Plus is designed to work across multiple devices such as PC’s, Tablets and Smartphones as well as desk phones

Easy to

It’s quick to set up and is managed in-life via an easy-to-use portal


supported and hosted by BT’s robust core network with multiple features to support resilience


unlimited calls to UK 01,02,03 and major mobile networks


allowing you to plan ahead and scale your business on demand


work and collaborate from anywhere. All you need is the internet.


Webex softphone is included in your aVoice Plus package. If you want to collaborate using meetings and sharing data, you can get the Basic Collaboration Package


 for a broader 365 experience, add aVoice to Microsoft Teams and ditch that legacy phone system

aVoice Plus – Now with Webex or Teams

Difference between the two

Webex from aVoice Plus is more than just a softphone application. It is an integrated collaboration experience that powerfully combines cloud calling, messaging and so much more. It continues to evolve through development, adding improvements and new features with every release.

 Teams from Microsoft needs no introduction as it offers a flagship collaboration experience. aVoice can work with Teams to deliver traditional voice calls directly into the Teams application, on any compatible device including Teams enabled desk phones. Best of all, we can do this better and simpler than our competitors through our vast expertise in both IT and Telephony cloud solutions.

Can you have both?

Yes, in more ways than you can imagine!
You might decide to use MS teams for its integrations with Microsoft 365 and the MS Office apps but use aVoice with Webex for traditional calling. The Webex app can integrate with MS Teams to allow customers to use MS Teams and aVoice Webex in parallel.

Or just use Teams on its own whilst using the power of both the Microsoft Telephone System and our aVoice platform which is underpinned by BT Wholesale and Cisco. We can manage your entire Microsoft estate or work with your existing IT supplier to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Our specialists would engage with you to discuss the best solution for your business.

Our Example Plans and Features

with prices from £7.95 per user per month inclusive of Calls and In-life support

CRM Integration

Integrate aVoice with your CRM platform and know who’s calling through smart screen popping and log call information to track your customer experience.

Call Centre Groups

Get comprehensive call centre functionality, managing queues of inbound callers with all the common features a call centre would need.

Call Recording

Calls recorded securely a cloud environment, accessed through an innovative portal with tonnes of advanced features, providing the best value in the industry.

Live Reporting

Through call analytics in the cloud, accessible from any location and providing valuable statistics for Sales, Marketing and Support teams.

Webex License



Inclusive with all aVoice plans

You will have the ability to make and answer calls on any device with Cisco Webex softphone. Softphone is compatible with your desktop, mobile and tablet. Based on your configuration, you have access to VoIP, call control, call through, and call back functions to allow you to seamlessly transition calls between your desk phone, tablet or mobile phone without interrupting the call.


Inclusive for Mobile users, optional for Desk & Eco Users

You may utilise all of the softphone capabilities of Softphone, as well as instant messaging and presence (IM&P) features such as direct and group messaging, spaces, message persistence, screen sharing, file sharing, hosting 3-way Space meetings, guest meeting support, and more.

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