Specialist help with your digital transformation journey

With the PSTN switch-off coming in 2025, every business, large or small, will need to prepare for an all-IP world. But as well as opportunities, it will also create challenges. That’s where our Professional Services can help. They let you tap into a fountain of knowledge, experience and technical resources, so you can build a clear image of what legacy technology you have and what to replace it with.

With our help, you can make network changes seamless, efficient and effective.

Key benefits

a clear

You’ll get a clear picture of what’s happening on your network and phone lines.

ready for
the future

Through effective consultation, we’ll find the right solutions for your business, making sure you’re ready for the future.

saving you

We’ll do the hard work for you, saving you time, which you can invest back in your business.


You’ll get high-quality, reliable solutions designed by experts.


Instead of hiring your own specialists, you can save money by using ours.

wide array
of skills

Our engineers are located all over the UK, and have a wide array of skills and qualifications.


They also have experience of working on sites that require security clearance or where an electric-trained engineer is needed.

The core modules of aPS

There are five main parts to We’ve put together five modules within our all-IP Professional Services, and you choose one or more of them – whatever’s right for your business.


Survey and portfolio analysis

We’ll analyse your current systems both remotely and during visits to your premises. This will let us see what services and solutions you’ve signed up to or bought. We’ll also physically check phone lines, network cables and wi-fi networks and so on. Through this process, we’ll identify what you’re currently using your lines and equipment for, so we can work out the best digital solutions to replace them with.



Our experts will use the information gathered during the survey and portfolio analysis to design solutions that meet your needs.

Whether your network is complex or simple, they’ll find solutions that are right for business and your budget.



Installing and setting up new equipment can be difficult and time consuming, but you can leave it to us.

We’ll take care of everything for you, making sure it’s all set up in the most effective and efficient way.



To make sure your digital transformation goes smoothly, we can develop a comprehensive migration plan for your business.

This will make sure everything is designed, installed and integrated to give you the most value possible.



Your old communications hardware needs to be disposed of, but you also need to comply with data and environmental regulations.

We can help whether you want to sell, recycle or destroy your legacy equipment.

Our aPS services can be applied in multiple scenarios…

Changing 2850 padlocks on cabinets & gates

Tracing & auditing old phone lines at 400x sites

Scoping a managed WiFi solution for 1630 sites

Out of hours porting for 30.001 critical numbers

Warehousing + Pick & Pack of 80 routers per week

Multi-site install of IP handsets including end-user training

200 x PlayStation 5 units to be installed into High Street stores.

Calling 4800 elderly residential customers on our customers behalf

aPS is powered by BT. Aastha is proud to be a BT Wholesale Partner.