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Stay connected with aLink’s broadband solutions. From fixed to mobile, budget fiber to dedicated private circuits, we’ve got you covered. Experience the best value ‘always on’ connection with our range of broadband options to fit your specific needs.

Change is coming

The UK’s old analogue network is being switched off and all businesses will need to transition to a digital platform.

Give us a call or email us to see how we can help your business change over.

SIX reasons why we change broadband for our business

Speed matters

from taking an order at a café, to completing your taxes online, ordering stock, bookings for hotels and much more.

Downtime costs money

As a BT Wholesale partner, we ensure that you have unravelled reliability coupled with our proactive monitoring of your systems ensuring you are online all the time.


No one wants an intermittent connection, with our suppliers we can offer up to 100% uptime on our connectivity.

The future is digital

Let us help you digitally transform your business by 2025 and we’ll provide you with cutting edge solutions that will put you in the lead.

Competitive advantage

competitors always find ways to entice. We have no frills but good honest prices and products that suit your needs.

Pay for what you need

We can bundle services and add extras based on your requirements.


we got you covered.

Experience effortless connectivity with aLink. Our tailored solutions based on your needs and availability, combined with our partnerships with top suppliers, offer a wide range of technology and speeds up to a stunning 10 Gbps over full fiber. Get the right solution for you with aLink.

Speedy Business Fibre

SOGEA FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is the new dedicated Internet only connection giving you an improved service by removing the voice capability of your PSTN line (which you don’t need with a cloud phone system).

We can help you find the best speed & availability using your postcode to check your local exchange for speeds available to your location.

• No phone line required
• Speeds of up to 330/50 Mbps
• Minimum throughput guaranteed
• Single or multiple static IP options
• Non-intrusive traffic optimisation
• New install and migration options
• Proactively managed and monitored


Ultrafast Hyperfast Business Fibre Full Fibre

Our ultimate SME Fibre offering with Ultrafast Gigabit speeds is benefiting from a rapid nationwide rollout by Openreach. Unlike FTTC, FTTP is Full Fibre direct to your premises, striking the perfect balance between speed, cost and reliability.

• No phone line required
• Low Latency
• Speeds of up to 1000/120 Mbps
• Minimum throughput guaranteed
• Single or multiple static IP options
• New install and migration options
• Proactively managed and monitored


Fibre Ethernet
Leased Lines

Our top connectivity product, fully dedicated to your use with the highest service levels in the industry. Now with Full Duplex speeds of 10Gbps for the most demanding requirements. Our provisioning team proactively manages the delivery process to ensure we smash the competition’s installation lead times.


• Full Duplex dedicated bandwidth
• Speeds between 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps
• Wide range of carrier choices to suite every budget
• Supported by high availability Service Level Agreements
• Multiple IP options and configurations
• Resilient circuit options
• Wires only or fully managed

From as little as

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