Network Video Surveillance & Access Control

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Some of the key fundamentals of business security. Our solutions are simple, yet rich in features and performance.


Video Surveillance

CCTV stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television’, now a fading term in the Security industry. IP Cameras and Video Management Solutions have been around for many years with varying terminology. Network Video Surveillance is the evolution of CCTV.

Aastha and its Partners have a combined experience dating back over a decade in providing world class high resolution surveillance solutions that actually work when there is a need to identify details during an incident. Our portfolio includes clients ranging from 2 cameras on a single site to over 100 cameras spanning across multiple sites. Even our entry-level cameras are capable of Full HD resolution providing exceptional clarity aiding object recognition.

Access Control

In our ever evolving world of technology, lock and key simply isn’t enough. From proximity readers to enhanced biometrics, our access control solutions perform more than simply opening doors. keyholder tracking, timekeeping, secure access as well as other analytics are some of the key highlights of the products we offer.

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