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Reliable Business Connectivity

Whilst your own premises systems may be the most efficient available, your connectivity to the outside world can have a significant impact on how they perform.

Aastha has relationships with key major carriers, which can be utilized to offer nearly every method of connectivity available today, ranging from outgoing Copper to Fibre to the Premises.

Managed DSL

Most SOHO and SME clients have limited budgets impacting on their ability to sustain Leased Lines. Our ADSL & FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) products are Managed therefore offering a user experience close to that of a Leased Line but no more costly than a traditional Retail ADSL product. Aastha’s DSL range is only provided as part of a greater solution therefore our aim will be to minimize disruption further ensuring that we offer the right product.

Leased Lines & MPLS

More complex, demanding requirements ranging from simple Leased Line connectivity to MPLS networks and cloud based VPN/Firewall solutions are also a part of our select product portfolio. Our Data Architects are well versed in all available products from our Carrier Partners to design and construct your ideal solution.